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Writing about writing. When I write I don’t think about anything else. I focus on only the writing. Nothing bothers me, I totally block out everything else in the room. I only see what I’m writing, I only picture what I’m writing.

Everything I write about is what I’m interested in unless it’s for school. I always right about something that will interest people. Like writing a history blog ended up being a lot harder than I expected, but then I wrote history just not the history that you wouldn’t find in books but what you would find in your head.

Books give history written by somebody just like you. They write about what they like just like you write about what you like. If I ever wrote about something I wasn’t interested in, it usually ended up being a jumble of words that don’t make sense because that subject I’m writing about is no interest to me.

Have you ever had the feeling of being free from everything else when your writting? Like when you jump off a swing, you fly through the air for a couple seconds, but in that couple seconds you feel nothing but freedom. When nothing controls you, you do your best. When nothing bothers you, you do well.

Having freedom is like living without another country controling yours. You can fight for freedom like the Scots did when England tried to over run them. The more they tried the more they succeeded.  Back to the swing idea, you fight to get yourself to get swinging back and forth, you fight to get high enough so you can fly far, you fight against gravity just to feel a bit of freedom, and you should always find a way.(Unless your teacher tells you to write something.)

I could go on forever with this freedom but that would be too much. So when I write I have many things to write about,  and you know I sometimes don’t right about what I like, but what people would be interested to find out.

2 thoughts on “Writing About Writing

  1. Hi Greyson,

    You are a great writer! I’m really impressed by this blog article. I also liked your Halloween story. I have a 12 year old son, and last year he broke his front tooth in half at school. Some girls played a trick on him – they asked him to jump over a stick, but just as he jumped, they lifted the stick higher, and tripped him up. He hit the concrete face-first, just like you. He now has crown on that tooth, so you can hardly notice it, but it was very painful when it happened!

    Keep up the great blogging!

    (Japanese Teacher in Perth, Western Australia)

  2. well hello greyson, my name is cholena. i really like this blog, i myself love to write and i feel like you explained the feeling very well. good job. :]

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