Golim the Midnight Hunter

Golim the Mighty

Golim the Mighty

Golim stalked through the woods of the Canadian province British Columbia. His fangs were red with blood, his scales shone with the midnight moon and his wings were spread in case he had to make a quick take off. He was the Hypernawktern (Hyper-knock-turn) fiercest fighter and he was also the biggest. He was wandering wondering North in search of the Auckland Clan. The North Clan (the Aucklands were called this sometimes. It is meant as an insult) are the  Hypernawktern’s worst enemy. Golim’s job was to hunt down the leader of the Auckland Clans leader and capture him. Little did he know, Golim was also being hunted…

Hamster Math

Hamster math is a math warm up we do before we get an assignment. Before we start our math, we get to hear the hamster theme song. Ms. Smith being Ms. Smith starts dancing and bobbing her head and we all start laughing and then dance a long. So then we get to do the math, it consists of only 7 questions. Some questions are multiplications, estimating height and length, even adding up money. It is a lot of fun and at the end somebody even gets to hold on to a little stuffed hamster for the rest of the day!

The Curious Case of The Wooden Stool

Much like the curious case of the chalk, except this is about her wooden stool. Her husband crafted it for her and it has become her chair to sit in. When she uses the data projector and the Elmo. So once in a while she forgets where she puts it. This morning she even took a 30 seconds to find it. Sometimes she walks around for a minute looking for it. Lots of the time somebody else in the class finds it for her. Maybe I was wrong in my last post, maybe she isn’t pushing 500 years old, but maybe her eyes need some new glasses to help out.


Pronounced Hoo-bah-later

This name actually comes from the movie “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” but in our class it is much more. A Whobulator is actually the name for the remote for our data projector. It allows you to change the input as well as blank the screen.

Ms. Smith is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS losing it. It is so funny to watch her look around for it. And it ends up in the most interesting places. Everybody always helps out so the lesson moves on but at the rate that she keeps forgetting where she puts it, she must be pushing 5000 years old! jk

Now comes the curious case of the missing chalk. This is also like the remote but she tends to have like 3 pieces of chalk laying around the classroom. When she can’t find it she sometimes says “I’ve got to stop eating the chalk.” Of course she doesn’t eat it but it is still extremely funny.

So these are some of the laughs we have in the class. What does your teacher do that is funny?

Another Seven Random Facts About Me

So there are random facts about everybody. It could be that you have traveled somewhere, or met somebody important, or attended a big concert. There are always random facts out there. So I chose 7 random about me that tell about my character but also they are not to revealing. I did not say I practice soccer at ***********. I didn’t say I attend school at *************. I was able to tell about me but not at a level of people finding out about me. So it’s like being safe without being so bottled up that nobody knows anything about you.  This is a reminder to people to remember to be safe and be careful about what information you give out!

1. I have my brown belt in karate.

2. I live 2 minutes away from my school.

3. My friend and I started a fire with a magnifying glass.

4. I excel in math.

5. I’m not very good at spelling.

6. I’ve broken my arm when I was riding my bike.

7. I play an online game called Evony.

These are another seven facts about me. What are random facts about yourself?

Do you relate to anything I have written? What is random about you?

Pakistan Fund Raiser

Hello readers, my class has been studying Pakistan and their monster flood in class. We decided to have a fundraiser to help them out. So this is what we did: we had a movie night.

So first of course we did the research, we learned about certain topics, I learned about the partition where Muslims wanted their own country because they felt they were not being treated as well as Hindus. (This is not my personal opinion, it is what I read.) Then we made posters of “Did you know?” which was a lot of fun except since I write a lot I ended up using all the space on the page and then I didn’t have any space for a map so I ended up putting that seperate.

We had sales of juice, water, homemade cookies and popcorn before the movie so people were refreshed. Matthew and I were sellling popcorn and we sold all of the crates except for 2 before the movie even started. The movie that was chosen was Monsters vs Aliens. It was chosen because we would have little kids there so it did not permit us to have a PG-13 movie or something along those lines which would have been sweet.

I watched the movie for a while but I found since I had already watched it, it wasn’t as good as the first time. Intermission came and Matthew and I went out to work on the popcorn stand again. We ended up selling the rest of the popcorn which was pretty awesome, the cookies had almost run out too.

As the movie started up again I noticed people had gone outside and I went to find what had happened, and also the fact that the gym was really warm and so the cool air was really nice to be out in. Somebody had found a water bottle and everybody was trying to get it. The stars were out to and they were bright in the sky which was a very dark blue. It was really fun outside and I stayed out there for the rest of the movie.

In the end, we made a ton of money and if we donate before oct. 3, the goverment of Canada has said that they’ll double the money which is a big help.

Has your school ever had a funraiser? What was it for?