WWII German King Tiger Tank

The King Tiger tank was the heaviest armoured and most powerful tank in World War 2. It had a massive 88mm gun on the front that could rip open any tank that the Allies had. Even by the end of the war the Allies had no highly effective means of defeating this monster tank.

World War II German King Tiger Tank

Why it was made?

German heavy tank production started before the war around 1937. The project was actually ignored when the Panzer III and IV came out as both of those tanks were effective. But when Hitler attacked to the West he was surprised by French heavy tanks. A meeting acquired on May 26th 1941 and Hitler wanted a bigger tank that had more armour then previous tanks and he wanted the tank to have a speed of at least 40 km/h. These were the starters and then the Tiger I was created and then later came the more powerful King Tiger.

What was it armed with?

German King Tiger Tank

The gun that was used was actually a variation of a 88mm anti-aircraft gun but it was a potent tank killer. It’s 88mm gun had a velocity of about 1000m a second if it was firing an amour piercing round. Since the gun was very accurate it could go through 150mm of metal armour even if the tank was  more then 2 kilometer away from the tank. The shell traveled at about 2200m in about 2.2 seconds sometimes even less which meant that this tank could kill other tanks at ranges where the Tigers opponent couldn’t reach it.

What armour does the Tiger have?

Since it was a heavy tank it’s armour was massively strong. Some tank shells would just bounce off of it’s armour. Two designs were made, each with a different amount of armour and different guns. Lets just say that both had armour plating that was was extremely protective of the crew inside.

How to destroy this tank

The  weak spots were it’s belly where the armour wasn’t as thick as well as the back where armour wasn’t as thick either. Another way was to shoot the track of the Tiger which would make it stop. Some tanks could actually kill the Tiger with it’s main gun but that wasn’t very often.

How many were made?

Since they were heavy tanks and took a lot of work to build, not very many were put out in the battle field. Also something else that held them back was the fact that later in the war, Germany was on the defense everywhere and they couldn’t get the raw materials top make the tanks so production slowed.

All around though it was a great tank, though one tank could match it on pretty even terms, The Soviet IS “Stalin” 2. But that is  for another time.

Do you know anything about tanks? Have you ever heard of commanders that are good with tanks? Do you know how they are used today? I hope you learned something!

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Image Bovington Tiger II by Hohum

Image Koenigstiger_Saumur by Wkikmedia Commons

Tank compliments of Noah

27 thoughts on “WWII German King Tiger Tank

  1. Hi Greyson, I liked that post but you missed that the engage was not very reliably and broke down often, so the Allies beat them in that area, but otherwise you covered it all.

  2. Hi Zach,

    These are my favourite tanks in the world. Yeah the full weight did ruin the motor a little. But if used in the right hands these things killed tanks like no other. This one tank ace, in 15 minutes, he and 2 other tanks, took out 45 British tanks and transports, now that is good. But it would be awesome if they put in a better engine so they could go that much farther and that much faster.

  3. I have heard of these tanks before.First let me introduse myself.My name is Kaden, I am 11, and I am from Yakima,Washington,USA.I love tanks. They are awsome.I have to gko so please comment back.Bye

  4. @Hi Kaden,

    I love tanks to. They are my favourtie type of weapon in war. They are so powerful and they look so amazing and what they can do to a town or military encampment, it’s just so amazing. Have you ever read about them? What tank is your favourite? Mine is the Tiger becasue of it’s raw power and the punch behind it’s main gun. Talk to you later.

  5. I like tanks, I used to like the Panzer III but I just found my new favorite! It’s amazing how powerful tanks are, the only problem was that planes could take out tanks but since the King Tiger has an 88mm anti-aircraft gun there is no chance of a plane killing it.

    bye, Max

  6. Hi Max,

    The Panzer III was ok but I love the King Tiger. The best aircraft for destroying tanks was the Typhoon. It had rockets that could kill any tank because the explosion was equal to the explosion of an 8 inch shell. I don’t think tanks took out aircraft as it would of been a big waste of ammo. but it sure could of. Not that you would need an armour piercing round to knock out a plane. Whats your favourtie Allied tank?

  7. Hello Greyson,

    I’d have to say my favorite tank is the King Tiger. I have read about tanks a little bit. You see my grandmother gave me a book on WW1 and WW2. It had a lot of information. I think that it had one or two pages on tanks and how important they are/were. There was not any sign of the King Tiger. Try to comment back. Thanks for adding me to your blogging friends.Bye

  8. Hi Kaden,

    I have read at least 20-30 books about World War II and I have read about 20 things about it on Wikipedia. I find it so fascinating. Some books tend not mention specific tanks but they talk about them. The King Tiger wasn’t common on the battle field as few were made. But it was still an amazing tank. If that tank had come out earlier in the war and had a better engine, the Germans would of chopped the Soviet Union up. Tanks are important and they come from the medieval cavalry. When Germany invaded Poland, the Polish had cavalry instead of tanks. Sadly the horse didn’t do much but fill up the battle field with dead bodies. My other favourite tank though is the Russian T-34 medium tank and the German Panzer V, more commonly known as the Panther. Whats your favourite medium tank of World War II? Do you have a favourite General? Mine is Rommel, he was amazing with the armoured divisions. Talk to you later!

  9. Hey Greyson
    Are there any tanks now that could defeat the German King Tiger Tank? It seems that it was a very good tank. If you designed the German King Tiger Tank what would you do to make it better?

    See ya Jack 😀

  10. Hi Jack,

    To improve this tank I would of put in a better engine and maybe put a few less millimeters of armour on because that’s what made it slow, but then add a little more on the back because it was highly exposed there. Modern day tanks would make the Tiger look like a baby. Tanks used in the Gulf Wars were probably good enough to pound them dead. But in the 1940s it was one of the best. If the Americans had made up a tank like that, they would have produced a few thousand more tanks then what the Germans did. Another thing to add to the tank was possibly another MG-42 machine gun. Even in World War 2 there were tanks that could defeat it but that was only the Sherman Firefly, IS Stalin 2, the Pershing, and possibly the T-34. There were other vehicles like tank destroyers and of course the plane. Do you have a favourite tank?

  11. Hi Laina,

    Yes I would really like that tank as well. There are people on TV who remake the tanks except that the guns don’t work which really sucks. I would love to see an 88mm gun blast away at a cliff face but alas they won’t. Though I would also have a Sherman Firefly (and the name isn’t true, this thing is a beast) maybe a Russian T-34 or a Russian IS-2.

    The IS-2 is almost on level with the King Tiger. Though my car would be an APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) which could run over any car on the road that is going WAY TO SLOW. My aircraft would be a Supermarine Spitfire or even a B-17 Flying Fortress, now that would be cool.

    One thing I would do though if I became a billionaire (trust me, I’ll need that amount of money to do this) I would get a manufacturer to build me a King Tiger, a Panther, T-34, IS-2, Sherman Firefly, Sherman M4, and even a American Pershing. Then I would set up a shooting range full of old cars and fake wooden houses and just scraps of metal and then I would choose a tank and then I would go blasting at everything on my range. Because the tanks carried about 40 rounds and they took about 20 seconds to load I could be out there for hours before I ran out of ammo.

    But a really good way to test my accuracy is get a couple of old cars that still run and set them up on a programmable course and then while they are driving around at about 29km/h I would start blasting at it and then I would blow it to bits, now that is what you call exercise and practice. They only thing is I would burn through a lot of money really fast because old tank shells don’t come cheap and since I would be making a custom order it would cost more.

    What would you do if you had this tank?

  12. Geyson
    I would get 2 of these tanks and upgerade them both and atach then together. I would also add 2 mor tracks on it and it would be a huge “king tiger double-blast47”

  13. Hi Daniel,

    Not sure if that would work but it could. You would have to split the sides open to join it together and then stick in an amazing engine so it could move over 130 tonnes of metal. The name would suit it if they made it. I wonder if the king tiger double-blast47 would take out more tanks then 2 King Tigers?

  14. Hi Greyson,
    If I made a King tiger double-blast47 it would Take the time to build 2 King tiger tanks. They would be 3x the size of a normal tanks. The middle add-on part with the 2 other tracks would be the living quarters with maxed out armor! It would also have the same weaponry and an anti-air medium canon, and maybe a small rocket launcher.
    A King tiger double-blast would probably win against 2 King tigers in my opinion. It Just depends on where they are. If the King tiger tanks were on a cliff and the king tiger double blast was at the bottom the king tigers might win. But then again the King tiger double-blast could win with the rocket launcher blowing up the mountain side facing a horizontal direction. That would mean the King tiger tanks fall to an undesirable explosion of fireworks. But The King tiger double-blast has to move fast enough so it does not caught in the rock slide.

  15. Hi Daniel, Yeah I’m sure you tank would win. Sounds like a pretty powerful tank. Does it have 2 main guns or 1 and you have to make sure that you don’t put on to much armour because then your tank won’t move and that would make it a sitting duck to my guns. I would stick on maybe bigger guns on to my Tigers, maybe 155mm Long Toms with HE rounds, that might flatten you. And better yet I would buy a few decoy tanks and see how your guns handle that. Except your tank sounds like a moving fortress so you might have a few more guns then me which would deplete my tanks existence in a few minutes. Any new ideas fro your tank?

  16. Hi Greyson,
    My tank has 2 main guns that are adjustable 130mm to 160mm. I think it might even be able to have 300mm stationary side guns that hold nitroglycerin. the thick armor is heavy so it has lease thickness of armor than the king tiger. Another thing is that it has auto firing bullet shield (I have no clue how it would work) That intercepts incoming bullets or explosives and blows them up. King tiger double-blasts main entry hatch is located underneath the tanks back-side. underneath the tank it has 6 video cameras, 4 rotating guns, and flame throwers around the hatchway.

    After I added more detail on the tank, my tank would probably dominate your tanks. The decoy tanks weapons are a lot weaker then my weapons. But if you blow up the nitroglycerin my tank could blow op so I wont have that on the tank. There are 8 people that live and work in the tank in war. there are 4 solders, 3 drivers/gunners, and 1 doctor/cook. There is 2 bunk beds and the floor to sleep on at a time.
    Do you think that the tank is a little too crowded?

  17. Hi Daniel,

    Your tank could crush mine in about 30 seconds. Of course yours could have about 1 million guns if you wanted it to. There is a tank though that did have a flame thrower on it. As far as I know, no tank in WWII had a 150mm gun on it. A 300mm gun is equal to 1 foot wide. Some ships had guns like that and bigger, a Jap battleship had 17.2 inch guns, and it had 6 of them. If you stuck 2 King Tigers together you might have space for 8 crew since 1 King Tiger carried a crew of 6. So yeah you have space but I’m not sure about having the chef since all would have rations and all would of learned battlefield treatments. Your tank would have traser shots to stop the enemy fire from hitting you. It would be hard to stop it thoug becasue my 88mm shoots over 2 kilometres in 2 seconds so it would be hard. The problem you would have though is the massive guns and the massive amount of recoil which would throw your tank back several feet. And you would need 3 gunners and loaders for all your guns.

  18. Hi Cory,

    I have briefly heard of it but is it a nickname? I know in World War II they called APCs (Armoured Personnel Carriers) Kangaroos because of they moved troops like a mother kangaroo carries her young in her pouch. The nicknamed a lot of machines and a special group of machines was nicknamed Hobarts’s Funnies. They were a wide variety of machines that did weird jobs. Have you ever heard of the Sherman DD? It is a fascinating machine but it didn’t totally work as planned but it was still an amazing idea. Whats your favourite vehicle?

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  20. Well everything is good but you missed one important thing, the tiger wasn’t just tough because of its heavy armor but the armor was placed in an ingenious way. The reason for enemy shells bouncing off of it is because its armor was placed in a slop manner that is they are placed in 60 degree as a result there was little grip for the enemy shell so they just bounced off the tiger. Anyway your essay is so good I really recommend it to readers.
    By the way I am a historian. Well just catch me for anything abt History…

  21. @Panzer Kumar,

    Actually I was going to put that in but I wasn’t sure when to how to. The page where I got the information actually didn’t say why the slope worked so well but thanks for telling me. It does make sense now why the angle works. Do you have a website though? If you do I would love to see it. Well thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you reply!

  22. Hey Connor,

    I don’t think they worried to much about the amount of fuel they burned but if they had saved fuel, they could have run their planes longer. I think the real problem with the tanks is that it weighed so much because of the heavy armour and it put an amazing amount of strain on the engine so it broke down soooo much. I think they had a V12 engine in there but it might have been a V8. I would have upgraded the power of the engine so it could cope with the weight a bit more. But other then that this thing could kill tanks like no other. What other tanks do you like?

    Talk to you later,

  23. Greyson I had sent a personal mail to ur Id did u receive that Reply me through my mail Id. Its Catchmeifyoucanp7@yahoo.com. I don’t have any website. But i am interested in contributing to others on History and many other things. I had already worked on a history program on Tv channel and for few websites. I will Take part in ur site if u wish. Bye take care

  24. The Panzerkampfwagen Ausf-B King Tiger is the best tank the Germans ever made, in my opion. I mean the Pazners are kisck ass, our own American Abram Tank is based off one of the Panzers. That had to say something.

    17 yr old WWII Nut,
    Devin Aschenbrenner

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