Field Marshal General Sir Bernard Law Montgomery Part I

General MontgomeryMy name is Field Marshall General Sir Bernard Law Montgomery. I served in both World Wars and have seen horrors you could never imagine. Some people said I was a knuckle head and was not a good commander, but I disagree.

I was born in Kennsington, London in 1887 as the fourth child of nine and raised by Reverend Henry Montgomery and Maud Montgomery. When my grandfather died one of the coolest things happened, my dad got to have the ancestrial Montgomery Estate which was in New Park at Moville, County Donegal.

The house was a big problem though. It was hard to keep running and when my Dad became the Bishop of Tasmania it was a huge relief but also a sad thing. He was gone 6 months at a time and my mother would cruelly beat me and ignore me which made me a bully.

My education when I was smaller was from tutors. When we went back to Londan in 1897 My brother Harold and I were educated for a term at The Kings School in Canterbury. It was so much fun, but then we had to leave and went to  St. Pauls School . Next I headed of to The Royal Military Academy where I almost got expelled for lighting a guy on fire. After the graduation that I needed I joined the first battalion as a second lieutenant and saw my first action in India.