WWII German King Tiger Tank

The King Tiger tank was the heaviest armoured and most powerful tank in World War 2. It had a massive 88mm gun on the front that could rip open any tank that the Allies had. Even by the end of the war the Allies had no highly effective means of defeating this monster tank.

World War II German King Tiger Tank

Why it was made?

German heavy tank production started before the war around 1937. The project was actually ignored when the Panzer III and IV came out as both of those tanks were effective. But when Hitler attacked to the West he was surprised by French heavy tanks. A meeting acquired on May 26th 1941 and Hitler wanted a bigger tank that had more armour then previous tanks and he wanted the tank to have a speed of at least 40 km/h. These were the starters and then the Tiger I was created and then later came the more powerful King Tiger.

What was it armed with?

German King Tiger Tank

The gun that was used was actually a variation of a 88mm anti-aircraft gun but it was a potent tank killer. It’s 88mm gun had a velocity of about 1000m a second if it was firing an amour piercing round. Since the gun was very accurate it could go through 150mm of metal armour even if the tank was  more then 2 kilometer away from the tank. The shell traveled at about 2200m in about 2.2 seconds sometimes even less which meant that this tank could kill other tanks at ranges where the Tigers opponent couldn’t reach it.

What armour does the Tiger have?

Since it was a heavy tank it’s armour was massively strong. Some tank shells would just bounce off of it’s armour. Two designs were made, each with a different amount of armour and different guns. Lets just say that both had armour plating that was was extremely protective of the crew inside.

How to destroy this tank

The  weak spots were it’s belly where the armour wasn’t as thick as well as the back where armour wasn’t as thick either. Another way was to shoot the track of the Tiger which would make it stop. Some tanks could actually kill the Tiger with it’s main gun but that wasn’t very often.

How many were made?

Since they were heavy tanks and took a lot of work to build, not very many were put out in the battle field. Also something else that held them back was the fact that later in the war, Germany was on the defense everywhere and they couldn’t get the raw materials top make the tanks so production slowed.

All around though it was a great tank, though one tank could match it on pretty even terms, The Soviet IS “Stalin” 2. But that is  for another time.

Do you know anything about tanks? Have you ever heard of commanders that are good with tanks? Do you know how they are used today? I hope you learned something!

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Image Bovington Tiger II by Hohum

Image Koenigstiger_Saumur by Wkikmedia Commons

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I Spy!

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Panzer VII Wikimedia with befunky

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Chinese T-55 by rikdom with befunky

Guess what it is?

Image Chinese T-55 by rikdom